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DeChello, Patrick
Assessment of Risk, Self-destructive Behaviors and Suicidality

Credits: 1 CE Distance Learning

This presentation will provide clinicians with an overview of the necessary tools to perform accurate and effective mental status examinations and suicide assessments. These assessments will lead to accurate diagnosis and therefore effective treatment planning. A review of four major mental status assessment methods—Observation, Conversation, Exploration and Testing will provide clinicians with the knowledge necessary to perform these assessments accurately and effectively. In addition, clinicians will be given several suicide assessment methods and de-escalation techniques including interviewing techniques, approaches and protocols for use in their practice. These will heighten the clinician’s awareness of suicide risk susceptibility.


Advances in Treating Co-Occurring Disorders

Credits: 1.5 CE Distance Learning

Skills in both the mental health and the substance abuse areas are required to be able to successfully navigate the treatment arena of dual diagnosed clients. Systems issues, program design, clinician orientation and client motivation all play a significant part in treatment.