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Krovitz-Neren, Barbara
Innovative Strategies Empowering Parents of Teens and Young Adults

Credits: 1 CE Distance Learning

You will be introduced didactically and experientially to strategies that therapists can teach parents to help them reclaim themselves by unleashing from the addiction in their children of all ages. All professionals who work with parents on some level in the continuum of care in addiction/mental health challenges will explore entry points to work with parents of addicts. Parents of addicts core foundation has been shattered and needs to be reestablished as a working family system outside the umbrella of addiction. The 5 Steps of Foundational Parenting will be taught as a basis underlying all program development for parents. These powerful steps teach parents how to shift their families to one of health and well being without becoming reabsorbed into an addiction-focused family system. Woven into this presentation is feedback from the hundreds of young adults and adolescents newly in recovery who participated in a survey. All the responses were from adolescents and young adults newly in recovery. Their feedback, mindfulness strategies, attachment theory, and my own work with thousands of children/adolescents during my career, helped me develop this powerful model. Even though these 5 steps seem straight forward, parents need guidance to implement them due to years of being absorbed into the addicted web. Taking new action is very difficult when old patterns often are easier and can sabotage growth. Thus, you will be introduced to relapse planning using the 5 steps as the vehicle to help parents get back on track. Lastly, you will be introduced to parent-to-parent mentoring as part of aftercare, 5 step self help groups, and creative ways to integrate these powerful strategies through the continuum of care so parents can heal as part of recovery management for families.