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Bertolino, Bob
Frozen in Time: Therapy for the Aftereffects of Abuse and Trauma

Credits: 1.5 CE Distance Learning

This workshop offers both a framework for understanding and strategies for working with adolescents experiencing the aftereffects of sexual abuse and trauma. Participants in this workshop will learn the 3-D’s of sexual abuse and trauma, how to create and/or rehabilitate a vision for the future, and numerous methods for facilitating change. The ideas offered in this workshop are flexible and can be adapted to a variety of settings.


Better than Zero: Helping Adolescents to Flourish in the Face of Life Challenges

Credits: 1 CE Distance Learning

Traditionally, psychotherapy has focused on working with adolescents to alleviate problems and return to “zero.” This presentation focuses on strategies for helping adolescents to increase the “plus” side of their lives by focusing on five key areas: positive emotion, engagement, meaning and purpose, relationships, and accomplishment. Based on research drawn from Positive Psychology and Positive Youth Development, participants will learn specific activities and exercises to help adolescents experience greater degrees of well-being and flourish in the face of adversity in facing issues such as depression, anxiety, and at-risk behaviors.