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Firestone, Lisa
Suicide Therapies that Work

Credits: 1.5 CE Distance Learning

Suicide is on the rise in the United States, having gone up 24% between 1994 and 2014. It is the most common psychiatric emergency that therapists will encounter. Recent research has identified suicide-specific therapies that are effective in treating both suicidal ideation and behavior. The problem is that most therapists are not aware of them nor have they been trained in them, so most suicidal clients do not receive these potentially lifesaving treatments. This course will provide a valuable opportunity for therapists to be introduced to these empirically validated, evidence-based treatments for suicide that are fast becoming the standard of care. Certificates will be awarded and available to print after successfully completing this course in its entirety which includes listening to audio, reviewing attached materials, completing a post-test and scoring 75% or above and completing an evaluation of the course