Counselor Magazine CE Quiz - August 2017

This Counselor magazine quiz includes questions from the August 2017 Vol.18 No.4 issue related to the following articles: “Healthy Anger: A Mind and Body Approach,” “Men and Our Anger: How to Make it Work for Good,” and “The Link Between Quality Measures and Mortality in Individuals with Co-Occurring Issues.”

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Course Objective(s)
Healthy Anger: A Mind and Body Approach 1. Define healthy anger and its aspects 2. Lead a mindfulness-based relaxation exercise 3. Explain the benefits of fostering self-compassion for those with anger issues 4. Analyze the notion of discomfort and the part it plays in anger Men and Our Anger: How to make it Work for Good 1. Describe the neurological purpose of anger 2. Evaluate how men’s childhoods can affect their ways of expressing anger 3. Use the four-phase emotional healing process with patients suffering from anger issues 4. Expound on the angry masculine role model, the golden child syndrome, and anger addiction Association between Quality Measures and Mortality in Individuals with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders 1. Describe the study and its methods 2. Analyze the study’s findings and implications for counselors 3. Define quality measures and how they affect mortality rates 4. Integrate some suggestions about quality measures into practice

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